You have now read about what Free Advertising For You (FAFY) and All In One Profits (AIOP) can do for you and your success and you should be excited and ready to get started. If not, after you read the additional benefits you get for joining our FAFY AIOP Team you will not be able to join fast enough!

When you join our team and have been verified, your AIOP link will be added to a rotator. You will stay on the rotator as long as you are a paying member of AIOP and until you have 4 members in your downline (2 you keep and 2 you pass up). When you have 4 you will be removed from the rotator. If you remember what you read on the AIOP Benefits page, every member you keep will pass up all their EVEN referrals to you. This means the 2 that you keep will be on the rotator and when they get 2 even referrals they will be passed up to you and those 4 will pass 2 up to you etc. You see the earning potential here, right?

Every team member that is promoting the site helps to advertise the rotator. For every 3 clicks on the join link on any team members page 1 click goes to the rotator link. For example you promote the team page that you get when you become a member of the team and start promoting. 3 people click on the join link to join AIOP: 2 of these people will go to your site and 1 will go to a site of someone on the rotator. Once you get 4 people in your downline (2/2), your best plan of action is to start promoting the links of the 2 people in your payline. Since they will be passing their even members up to you, both of you will benefit when you help them promote thier links!

Of course that is not the only benefit of joining our team. We want to make sure you are confident that you are making a sound decision by joining us. Every month you remain a member of the team for the first 6 months you will get bonus advertising:

Month 1: 100,000 Credits at Free Advertising For You

Month 2: One banner added to a banner rotator that is shown on the login page and the update page at FAFY

Month 3: 150,000 Credits at Free Advertising For You

Month 4: A second banner added to a banner rotator that is shown on the login page and the update page at FAFY

Month 5: 200,000 Credits at Free Advertising For You

Month 6: A third banner added to a banner rotator that is shown on the login page and the update page at FAFY

As long as you remain a paying member of AIOP and follow the instructions given, your banner(s) will remain on the rotator(s):

Banner Location

Team members also get profesionally designed splash pages, banners and a team page like this one to promote and help grow their business. We also have added a "Done For You" system with multiple lead capture pages that you can use to build YOUR own double opt in list while building your AIOP team! Everything you need to succeed is waiting for you when you join our fast growing team.

There is only one requirement to get all of these benefits and join our team:

You must join & upgrade at AIOP through the team link on the Join Team page. As soon as you join you'll let us know through a ticket and in 24-48 hours you'll be ready to go. If you are already a member of AIOP, you can take a second account under this team also. AIOP allows multiple accounts so you can keep your current account and still join our team with a new username.

Click the Join Our Team Now button below to get started:


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