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No Sponsoring Or Referring Required To Make Money Here. You Are Only Required To Watch Each Video For 20 Seconds In Order To Earn. Receive Free Lottery Tickets For Each Video You Watch And Win Big Prizes. Sustainable Program, As Shared Earnings Never Exceed The Total Daily Company Revenue Pool. Get Paid Via Bitcoin. Available World Wide. Earn 10% Referral Commissions (Optional).

Advertise While You Earn! Now This Is Where The Real Money Is. You Have The Option To Buy $1 View Packs To Deliver Views To Any Youtube Video And Get 135%-150% Cash Back. This Is An Invaluable Service That Can Let You Earn Both From This Site And From Youtube. Keep Repurchasing View Packs From Your Compounded Earnings And Deliver Unlimited Views To Your Channel Videos Using A One Time Investment. You Can Buy View Packs Even If You Have No Videos To Promote, To Fast Track Your Daily Earnings!


Every Day You Will Receive 10 Bonus Videos To Watch. So This Is The First Thing You Do Each And Every Day. This Will Earn You 100 BVP. Once You Reach 1600 BVP(Within 16 Days), You Will Start Receiving Your Daily Paid To Watch Videos. Watch Them Daily And You Will Start Earning Some Money. These Paid Videos Will Consume Some Of Your BVP But After Viewing Them, You Will Start Seeing Your Account Balance Increase In Dollar Value.

As Soon As You Reach $1, Buy Your First Ad Pack. Each $1 Ad Pack Will Give You 2700 BVP. Now You Can Start Promoting Any Video And Start To Receive Higher Value Paid Videos. More BVP You Accumulate, Higher Your Daily Earnings Become.

Always Keep Buying Ad Pack(S) As Soon As You Have $1+ In Your Account. Keep Compounding Until You Reach Your Desired Daily Earning And Then Gradually Start Withdrawing Your Money But Keep Enough, For Re-purchasing Ad Packs, So That Your Earnings And BVP Do Not Drop Too Low.

# RECYCLED VIDEOS # Pay 100 BVP For Recycled Ads. Free For Premium Members. Paid Videos / Super Videos Ads Are Issued To Your Account With A Default 18 Hour Timer. If You Do Not View The Ad Within 18 Hours, It Will Recycle. You Must Click RECYCLED VIDEOS Link To Watch Videos.

# WEEKLY LOTTERY # Receive Free Lottery Tickets For Each Video You Watch. Receive 1 Ticket For Each Video You Watch And 1 Ticket For Each Paid Video Your Referrals Watch. Receive 2x Tickets During Your Premium Membership. Having More Tickets Increases Your Chance Of Winning A Prize And Your Odds Of Winning A Bigger Prize!

# INSTANT WITHDRAWAL # No Waiting You Can Withdraw Anytime (MIN $5). Instant Payment Via Btc.

# COMMISSION # You Will Earn 10% Of All Video And Banner Ad Purchases Your Referrals Make, Both Now And In The Future. So If Your Referral Buys $100 Worth Of Ads, You Will Earn An Instant $10 Commission. Also You Will Earn 10% Affiliate Commissions When They Upgrade, And Free Tickets In Weekly Lottery For Each Video They Watched.

Referral Commissions Are Credited To Your Account Balance Instantly. And Are Immediately Available For Withdrawal.


Deposit $5 (Or As Much As You Are Comfortable With) And Buy 5 Ad Packs. If You Have Youtube Videos To Promote, You Can Start Getting Views On Them Right Away, By Using The View Credits You Have Received Through Ad Pack Buys.Watch Your Daily Bonus Videos And Daily Paid Videos. Withdraw When You Have Reached Your Goals And Are Comfortable With Daily Earnings(As Discussed Earlier).


Earn Extra $1 - $100 Daily Watching Youtube Videos. Receive Random 10 X 1% Super Video Ads That Are Created Each Time A New Ad Campaign Is Purchased. These Videos Given To Premium Members Randomly Will Pay You Varying Amounts. (Ie: $0.01 TO $0.99 And OVER $1). You Might Even Make $50 Off Of Watching A Super Video If You're Luckily Chosen To Get The Video. To Get Super Videos To Watch Daily, You Have To Be A Premium Member At $19.90/month.


Adpacks Are $1 Each. Premium Members Get 3000 BVP (150% ROI) Instead Of 2700 BVP (135% ROI)
Receive Random 10 X 1% Super Video Ads That Are Created Each Time A New Ad Campaign Is Purchased.
Receive 2 Ticket For Each Video You Watch And 2 Ticket For Each Paid Video Your Referrals Watch.
Free Recycle Ads
Random Referrals

You Recover Your Monthly Upgrade Just In Few Days And Good News Is System Not Deduct Your BVP. With The Help Of Upgrade You Can Move To Next Levels Fast.





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