You Have Been Invited to Join The Hottest Team In Fortune Maker!

Consider yourself lucky my friend! Someone has led you to this page because they want you to join our Fotune Maker team! We are a group of like minded individuals working together to build a successful business with Fortune Maker.

Why Fortune Maker?

1. You only have to pay one time EVER to become a member. You don't have to worry about people dropping out every month as there are NO recurring payments here!

2. A product that everyone doing business online desires: Advertising! Everyone can use some advertising and when you know that your ads are being shown to people who have paid to join that makes it the best kind of advertising there is. You get YOUR opportunity in front of a market of BUYERS.

3. Corporate trainer with years of experience building programs. We teach you how to succeed in this business and any other business you may be a part of.

4. A leadership group with over 25 years of combined experience. If you want to be the best, you have to work with the best!

5. Fortune Maker is one of the most affordable programs you will find. For around $30 you will be fully paid and never have to spend another dime.

6. Truly UNLIMITED Earning Potential with matching bonuses of 50% on your direct referrals! Below is a quick view of the earning potential at Fortune Maker. NOTE: This is for illustrative purposes only and is not a guarantee of any kind:

Why join Fortune Maker with our team?

1. When you join and pay the one time fee to become a paying member, you get 2 solo ads at Free Advertising For You. These solo ads sell for $15 in the back office because they get well over 200 visitors on average.

2. You get a page just like this one with YOUR referral information on it. You will not have to compete with everyone else promoting the same pages and that means you will stand out and have a better chance of getting referrals.

3. Your referrals that sign up from this page will get the same opportunity. Think about it, you will be giving visitors an opportunity for unlimited income potential PLUS 2 solo ads that have are valued at $30 all for a one time payment!

4. Even if you visitors to this site do not join Fortune Maker they may join FAFY and you can earn commissions if they upgrade there too.

5. Upline support. The team leader is near the top of the Fortune Maker matrix and is under another great leader so if you ever have questions we are here to offer you all the support you need.

Are you ready to join us? Spots are filling up fast and since this is a forced matrix, the sooner you get in the better. If you are ready to join us please follow the steps below to make sure you get your solo ad and can use our exclusive marketing tools. Make sure you bookmark this page or copy the URL so you can come back if you lose it.

Step 1: Join Fortune Maker under the person that invited you to this page. Once you are a member, login using the information sent to your email and click on "Make Your Purchase" send $30 in crypto to the account listed and wait for it to clear and your account shows as upgraded. Before joining, make sure the sponsor listed is shown in the list of approved sponsors at the bottom of the page. You will only be allowed to use this system if you join from an approved sponsor. You can join Fortune Maker by Clicking Here

Step 2: Join Free Advertising For You if you are not already a member. You need to be a member of this site to get your 2 free solo ads. Even if you don't want to join Fortune Maker, you'll want to join FAFY since it is one of most active advertising sites online and is 100% free. There are upgrades for serious marketers that want more but most of the advertising can also be earned. You can even earn a PRO upgrade by being an active member. You can join FAFY by Clicking Here

Step 3: Issue a support ticket at FAFY with subject of I joined the FM team! In the body of the ticket include your Name, your Fortune Maker Username and your FAFY username so I can add your free solo ads. NOTE: You Must Join Fortune Maker from this page to get the free solo ads. You can access the support site from FAFY or by Clicking Here

Approved Sponsors:

Jason Wise
John Worsham
Samy Schoenweger
Steve Kristiansen
Bill Perdue
Rajesh Kotian
Peter Gibney
Edward McNamee
Joey Wilson
Helga Walker
Derrick Bukes
Mike Hinton
Mark Thompson
Warren Contreras
Joe Holly
Eddie Wilson
Marc Ley
James Redland
Toulois Mauth
Robert Kennedy
Paul van Leeuwen
Carol Walczak
Torab Bezchi
Nate Scifleet
Terry LaFever
Pete Ade
Colin Flook
Brian Wood
Nathan Gurley